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    The following USOPC Participants (as defined in the USOPC Athlete Safety Policy) are either subject to certain temporary restrictions issued by the U.S. Center for SafeSport (the Center) pending investigation, or have been suspended (temporarily or otherwise) or deemed ineligible by the Center or the USOPC.

    This list reflects individuals with current eligibility actions, and it is not intended to be a historical record of individuals who may have had previous eligibility actions. The below information does not include eligibility actions that do not affect the individual’s ability to participate in sport (i.e., probation), eligibility actions involving a minor, or eligibility actions that resulted when the individual was a minor. For these reasons, the list is not exhaustive and should be used to supplement other research.

    For individuals with an action deemed “Temporary,” the matter is currently under investigation, and has not been adjudicated.

    To view other individuals with current eligibility actions in the Olympic & Paralympic Movement, please refer to the specific NGB or visit the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s Centralized Disciplinary Database.

    The following individuals have eligibility actions issued by the USOPC. Should you become aware of a violation of these eligibility actions, please report immediately to the USOPC.

    NameSport Affiliation(s)MisconductAction TakenDate of IssuanceLocationAdjudicating Body
    DJ MichelParalympic Track & FieldPending Appearance on
    Allegations of Misconduct
    Participation Suspended04/02/2018N/AUSOPC

    The following individuals have eligibility actions issued by the U.S. Center for SafeSport. Should you become aware of a violation of these eligibility actions, please report immediately to the Center.

    NameSport Affiliation(s)MisconductAction TakenDate Of IssuanceStart DateEnd DateLocationAdjudicating Body
    John C. BrownUSOPCCriminal Disposition - Sexual Misconduct
    Criminal Disposition - Involving a Minor
    Ineligible 03/09/202303/09/2023Colorado Springs, COU.S. Center for SafeSport
    Richard Browne

    U.S. Paralympic Track & Field; USA Track & Field; USOPC

    Criminal Disposition;
    Physical & Emotional Misconduct;
    Abuse of Process
    Permanent Ineligibility11/07/202211/07/2022Renton, WAU.S. Center for SafeSport
    Kristopher “Kris” DoblerOtherCriminal Disposition – Involving a MinorIneligible 06/09/202106/09/2021Colorado Springs, CO U.S. Center for SafeSport
    Peter FoleyUS Ski & Snowboard; USOPC
    (Subject to appeal/not yet final); Sexual Misconduct; Violated NGB policies/bylawsSuspension; Probation, No Contact Directive(s), Education08/08/202308/08/20233/18/2032Hood River, OR
    U.S. Center for SafeSport
    Robert GriswoldU.S. Paralympic Swimming; USA SwimmingAllegations of Misconduct
    Temporary Suspension; No Contact Directive(s)08/23/2022
    08/23/2022Freehold, NJ
    U.S. Center for SafeSport
    Lawrence “Trooper”
    National Wheelchair Basketball
    Association; USOPC; USA Hockey
    Allegations of Misconduct
    Temporary Restriction(s);
    Coaching/Training Restriction(s),
    No Contact Directive(s)
    02/22/2022San Lorenzo, CA
    U.S. Center for SafeSport
    Blake KalksteinUSOPC Criminal Disposition – Involving a
    Minor; Criminal Disposition – Sexual Misconduct
    09/12/2022Towson, MD
    U.S. Center for SafeSport
    Kompa Koroma
    USA Boxing; USOPC
    Allegations of Misconduct
    Temporary Suspension;
    No Contact Directive(s) 
    04/23/202004/23/2020Alexandria, VA
    U.S. Center for SafeSport
    Christopher RobsonUSOPCSexual MisconductSuspension; Education, No Contact Directive(s), Probation05/23/202305/25/2023United KingdomU.S. Center for SafeSport

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