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Adam Krikorian with the women's waterpolo team

The Coaching Education department operates within the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s (USOPC) Sport and Athlete Services Division. It is dedicated to coach development and improvement. Through learning opportunities and resource creation, the department focuses on the following themes that are critical to quality coaching: 

  • Teach 
  • Lead 
  • Care
  • Performance 

The USOPC Coaching Education team engages with NGBs and coaches to support coach development, capitalizing on strengths and supporting areas to improve, and helping to create a more sustainable, high-quality sport environment where Team USA athletes thrive, in part, due to great coaching. 

Our vision is to advance the profession of coaching at the Olympic, Paralympic and foundational levels of sport to create more holistically skilled coaches for our athletes. 

Our mission is to become the world leader in: 

  • Provision of support through education and development opportunities for coaches  
  • Production of world-class coaches
  • The coaching education department has five main objectives:

    1. Assist NGBs in the development of coaching education programs and materials
    2. Deliver programming that highlights the sport science and research based standards of the USOPC
    3. Supply support for Team USA in a manner that is effective and relevant in supporting podium potential athletes through coaching education. Click here for more on the Quality Coaching Principles.
    4. Recognize the importance of America's best coaches, while advancing coaching as a profession
    5. Advertise and support the importance of coach training and certification for all American coaches.
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