Team Well-being

We are focused on the holistic wellbeing of our team members to achieve sustained excellence.

At the USOPC, we recognize the importance of meeting our team members wherever they are on their wellness journey. We offer a broad range of resources in each Wellness Pillar - Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social, and Career - to meet our team members' needs and support them towards holistic wellbeing.

Core Values

  • Pursue Excellence

    Achieve our greatest potential by challenging what has been the status quo, evolving to changing environments, and working smarter, not harder, on high-impact initiatives.

  • Lead Courageously

    Champion the wellness of team members.

  • Serve Others

    Listen to team members about their wellness preferences, so we can focus on employee-centric initatives that make the most impact.

  • Foster Belonging

    Create inclusive and accessible initiatives and spaces for wellness.

Wellness Pillars

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee's purpose is to promote a positive culture of wellness by providing holistic and inclusive resources and benefits to empower team members to be their personal and professional best. Our vision is to have an organization-wide culture and community founded in healthy and holistic wellness. We aim to have wellness initiatives that are intentional, accessible, and impactful for every member of our team members.

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Wellness Committee Offerings

  • Strength & Tone

    High intensity class offered virtually and in-person bi-weekly

  • Yoga

    Virtual yoga classes offered every other week

  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness classes to practice mediation every other week virtually

  • Cooking Classes

    Fun and nutritional cooking classes offered virtually and in person every quarter

  • Pick-up Basketball

    Open basketball court times for friendly competition every week at Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center

  • Lap Swim

    Open lap lanes available weekly to train in an Olympic-sized pool at Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center

  • Drop-in Pickleball

    Pickleball courts available for all skill levels (beginner to advanced) matches every week in Colorado Springs

  • Gym Access

    Access to state-of-the-art gym facilities at USOPC Headquarters and Training Centers & Sites

  • Mindful Mornings: The last Friday of every month, we encourage all team members to take the morning to step away from work and focus on mental health and wellbeing in any way that is impactful for you. Team members can take advantage of this time by engaging in programming and activities both together and individally to engage in self-care.
  • Focused Work Wednesdays: In our fast-paced company, finding time for deep, focused work can be a challenge. The constant influx of meetings can easily derail our productivity and prevent us from accomplishing our most important tasks. Carving out dedicated time for focused work is crucial for achieving our personal and organizational goals. We encourage team members to take the morning every Wednesday to dive into meaningful work without interruption.

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