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  • USOPA Executive Committee Results

    We are excited to welcome the new U.S. Olympians & Paralympians Association Executive Committee, a newly elected group of leaders who will continue the good work of their predecessors to advance the reach of our Olympic and Paralympic alumni. The newly elected Executive Committee will begin their tenure on January 1, 2025.

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  • The Olympian & Paralympian

    The official newsletter of USOPA, The Olympian & Paralympian, is back! View the latest July 2024 digital issue by clicking the link below.

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Two women wearing swim caps and Team USA kits hug and smile before a race.
World Triathlon

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No matter where you are in your post-athletic journey, you are a part of the Team USA alumni community. Stay informed on updates and events, connect with fellow alumni and open doors for the next generation of Team USA athletes.
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Alumni In The News

  • A look inside 'Life in the Peace Corps' - A feature highlighting U.S. Olympian Brooke Forde

    Following her retirement from U.S. Swimming in 2022, Brooke stepped into a health volunteer position at the Peace Corps in rural Peru where she has played a major role in promoting healthy recreational activities for teens, including teaching a swim clinic for local children.

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  • Two U.S. Olympians selected for community art project leading up to Paris 2024 Olympics

    Two American rowers were selected to be artists-in-residence for the Paris Games, working to combine art with sport in a way that engaged Paris-local community groups around the Games.

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  • Blind teacher and Paralympic athlete shows students anything is possible

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    For general Team USA alumni questions or information, contact or call +1-800-717-7555

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    U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee

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