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As we look forward, the Olympic and Paralympic Games Los Angeles 2028 and a future potential Winter Games in the U.S. are inflection points for change and catalysts for growth. 

LA 2028 will be the first Games on U.S. soil in over 25 years, serving as an opportunity for us to significantly strengthen the future of the global Olympic and Paralympic movements. To take full advantage of these opportunities, the USOPC will partner and collaborate with athletes and NGBs as a collective “Team USA” community with the goals of holistically supporting athletes through the entirety of their journey and developing a well functioning Movement in the U.S.

Review the full USOPC 2024-2028 Plan.

Athlete Excellence

  • Fostering Team USA athlete well-being and competitive excellence

    Team USA athletes are the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement in the United States. We are an athlete-centered organization that exists to serve athletes on their journey towards greatness. In partnership with NGBs, who support athletes at all levels, our goals extend beyond podium fi nishes to empowering our countries’ greatest athletes to reach their fullest potential in sport and in life. Our focus is the top tier of elite athletes who represent Team USA in the highest level of international competition, often culminating at the Olympic or Paralympic Games. To ensure their holistic needs are met and their overall experience is at an all-time high, we will invest in athletes and in our partner NGBs, to provide high performance, technology, and health and wellness resources that supplement NGB resources. This holistic athlete support is Team USA’s competitive advantage. By ensuring our athletes are supported on their journey and proud of their accomplishments, they can give back by advocating for and inspiring future generations to follow in their footsteps.

    Team USA has consistently sat atop the medal table in Olympic summer sports which is a testament to the dedication and depth of talent in the U.S. In addition to retaining this coveted position, we seek to improve and reach our full potential in winter sports and Paralympic sports. With the opportunity to host the Games in the United States, we have a unique advantage – not only do we have more opportunities for qualification to the Games in 2028, but we will also support the largest delegation of American athletes, and the largest variety of sports ever. Our goal is to deliver greater services, benefi ts, and resources to Team USA athletes to support their performance and well-being as they navigate their athletic journeys from Paris to Milan-Cortina and through Los Angeles.

  • The impact we will make

    • Team USA athletes, across all Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American sports report top marks on satisfaction with the USOPC and NGB support services they receive, as well as their overall experience and well-being as a Team USA athlete.
    • Team USA athlete performances are the most successful in history across more sports and disciplines.

      • Team USA is the top country in medals, gold medals, and medalists at the Olympic Games in 2024 and 2028.

      • Team USA is a top-3 “podium” country in medals, gold medals, and medalists at the Paralympic Games in 2024 and 2028, and the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2026.

    • In 2028, Team USA qualifi es more athletes across more sports and disciplines than ever before.

    • More Team USA athletes benefit from investments and partnerships in technology across more sports and disciplines driving positive health, well-being, and performance outcomes.

Sport Advancement

  • Strengthening the Movement and promoting a positive sport culture

    The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement is a large and complex ecosystem with over 50 NGBs and many other stakeholders and partner organizations who, together, ensure the ongoing viability and sustainability of the Movement. Through our collaboration with NGBs, we set the standard for excellence in sport administration and ensure that our member organizations are operationally effective and financially stable to provide Team USA athletes the tools and resources they deserve at every stage of their athletic journey. While each NGB stewards and grows their respective sport community from the grassroots and adaptive sport foundation to the most elite athletes at international competition, the USOPC plays an integral role by providing multisport high performance and sports medicine expertise, talent development opportunities, shared resources and best practices, compliance standards, and grants and services directly to NGBs across all Olympic and Paralympic sports.

    The USOPC also serves as a central voice to advocate for a healthy and strong sport culture with our NGB partners and across the international sport community. We act as a convener of sports leaders from many different organizations and levels of competition, including professional leagues, NCAA, and grassroots. We use our platform to champion our commitment to safety, fair play, inclusion, and a positive sport culture in both domestic and international policy, and as a host country for numerous international events, we are able to lead by example in showcasing how a strong sport culture effectively supports athletes. Across the world, we collaborate with our global peers to share expertise and best practices to elevate the international playing fi eld and advocate for good sport governance.

  • The Impact We Will Make

    • All our stakeholders confidently believe that the USOPC stands for fairness, safety, integrity, and inclusion.
    • The majority of NGBs give top marks to the effectiveness of their USOPC partnership.

    • We attract the best talent to serve the Movement by delivering an award-winning employment ecosystem across the USOPC and NGBs with career opportunities, education and unique experiences for talented, diverse team members, including Team USA athletes.

    • All sports on the core Olympic and Paralympic program are supported by external sport organizations and all NGBs meet compliance standards.

    • We maintain our international leadership by securing a home Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2030 or 2034.

Community Growth

  • Engaging partners to support athletes and further our Movement

    As the steward of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement in the United States, our community encompasses an entire nation of fans, donors, sponsors, and other supporters. Their interest and engagement in sport enable our ability to serve Team USA. As a privately funded not-for-profit organization, we rely entirely on continued interest and community support to maintain and expand our impact. Relevance, positive sentiment, and participation in Olympic and Paralympic sport create positive social impact that drives both commercial revenue and philanthropy which represent nearly all of our annual income. To grow interest in Olympic and Paralympic sport, our community of supporters, and these critical revenue streams, we will invite all Americans to be part of Team USA, and do so in collaboration with Team USA athletes, alumni, NGBs, host organizations, the IOC, the IPC, and our partners to incorporate those communities in which they serve.

    Our unique ability to unite communities under a shared purpose is our greatest opportunity, and hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in our country provides an even greater potential to connect more Americans with sport. As we grow the largest Team USA fanbase in our history, we will build new ways to engage fans and introduce new generations to the magic of the Olympic and Paralympic movements. To achieve this, we must apply innovative thinking to create value for everyone who experiences Team USA. We are committed to growing this community by celebrating the diversity and resilience of Team USA athletes, sharing their stories, and honoring their legacy to inspire more people to become their best selves.

  • The Impact We Will Make

    • Team USA athlete engagement increases across the Movement during and after their careers as they benefit from enhanced community support.
    • Olympic, Paralympic, and Team USA fandom (based on awareness, affinity, and engagement) grows year over year and is at an all-time high at the end of 2028.

    • $500M is raised philanthropically during the 2021-2028 Quads.

    • Total committed commercial revenue for 2032 Quad exceeds the 2028 Quad.

Our Impact Reports

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