USOPC Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP)

    The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP) is a collection of prevention and training policies that bind adult participants and organizations in the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Movement. The USOPC strictly adheres to the MAAPP, which establishes clear requirements for interactions between adult participants and minor athletes. All one-on-one interactions between adult participants and minor athletes must be observable and interruptible.

    The USOPC Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP) takes effect on January 1, 2022. Download and read the USOPC MAAPP PDF.

    Previously, the USOPC adopted the Mandatory Components of the 2019 U.S. Center for SafeSport’s MAAPP. The USOPC MAAPP replaces that policy and applies to all USOPC Adult Participants. All Adult Participants must become familiar with the USOPC MAAPP and understand what is expected of them while fulfilling their role in sport. We also encourage all Minor Athletes and their parents/legal guardians to review and be familiar with the USOPC MAAPP.

    While we ask that everyone reads the policy in its entirety, as there are changes throughout, below are some of the notable changes from the 2019 MAAPP:

    • Definitions: Clear definitions for terms to include Authority, Close-in-Age Exception, Dual Relationships, In-Program Contact, and Regular Contact are included in Section 1 of the policy. Of particular note is the Close-In-Age exception that specifies a four-year age difference for exceptions to the MAAPP requirements.

    • One-on-One Interactions: All interactions related to participation in sport are covered. Additionally, there are noted exceptions to the policy to include dual relationships, close-in-age, and Personal Care Assistant (PCA).

    • Individual Training Sessions: Must be observable and interruptible, even with written consent from a parent/guardian.

    • Therapeutic and Recovery Modalities and Manual Therapy (formerly called Massages and Rubdowns/Athletic Training Modalities):
      • Applies to ALL In-Program Therapeutic and Recovery Modalities and Manual Therapy no matter the location.
      • Must be observable and interruptible.
      • Must always have a second Adult Participant physically present in the treatment area.
      • Must have documented consent, obtained at least annually from the parent/guardian.
      • Consent can be withdrawn at any time.
      • Can only be administered by licensed or otherwise certified providers.
      • Cannot be administered by a Coach, even if licensed.

    • Locker Rooms and Changing Areas: Must provide a private or semi-private place for Minor Athletes that need to change clothes or undress and monitor the locker rooms at sanctioned events and facilities for which the USOPC has Partial or Full Jurisdiction.

    • Electronic Communications: Provides requirements for virtual meetings with Licensed Mental Health Care Professionals and Health Care Providers, and Electronic Communications with the Office of the Athlete Ombuds.

    • Transportation Policy:
      • An Adult Participant meets the In-Program transportation requirements if the Adult Participant is accompanied by another Adult Participant or at least two minors. This replaces the previous requirement of two minors or another adult.
      • Requires annual consent for transportation sanctioned by the USOPC.
      • Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

    • Lodging Policy:
      • Requires written consent from a Minor Athlete’s parent/guardian for all shared housing arrangements where Minor Athletes are sharing a housing arrangement with Adult Participants, even if the Minor Athlete has their own separate bedroom (e.g., Airbnb housing arrangements). An Adult Participant shall not share a sleeping arrangement (e.g. bedroom) with a Minor Athlete unless a Close-In-Age exception is documented.
      • Adult Participants traveling with the USOPC must acknowledge and agree to the USOPC’s lodging requirements in writing at least annually.
      • Written consent from the Minor Athlete’s parent/guardian is required for all In-Program lodging at least annually.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Security & Athlete Safety team at if you have any questions.

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