Olympic Winter Games - Collegiate Coaches Corner

Coaches play an incredibly important role in Team USA’s success. Whether drawing up plays to guide a team to victory, or analyzing the exact moment an athlete’s head descends in a bobsled, these leaders help their athletes become the best versions of themselves. In the lead up to the Beijing Winter Games, the USOPC collegiate partnerships department will track the collegiate coaching footprint of Team USA to understand where they competed collegiately and where they have coached collegiately.

Several sports will name one head coach and assistant coaches (bobsled, men’s and women’s ice hockey, cross-country skiing, etc.), while other sports will be comprised of personal coaches who have been working with their Team USA Olympians in the years leading to the Games.

Below please find the list of 2022 Team USA head and assistant coaches who will participate in the Beijing Winter Games; as more coaches are named, the database will populate. Use the table to sort by school, sport or name.


    The following dashboard outlines the Team USA Coaches for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and their collegiate connections.

    Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Coaches, opens in a new tab