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Breakers from Team USA set to compete at the Olympic Qualifier Series 2024 in Shanghai


SHANGHAI, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA – The Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS) is a two-part festival-style competition, with the first competition of the series taking place in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China from May 16-19, 2024, and the second in Budapest, Hungary from June 20-23. The OQS is the first event to have breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, and BMX freestyle competing at the same venue before Paris. The OQS is a unique athletic event that combines sports with art, culture, creativity, and music. The competition will run preliminary competition rounds on May 16-17, and finals on May 18-19. A detailed schedule of competition sessions and times for the Shanghai portion of the OQS can be found here

With two American athletes – Victor Montalvo and Sunny Choi – already qualified by name for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, Team USA will send four top breakers to the OQS to compete for a maximum of two more Olympic quota slots. 

The OQS serves as the major qualification competition before Paris 2024 with a total of 464 athletes set to compete in Shanghai across the four sports, including an even split of male and female competitors. In total, 150 quotas will be awarded to athletes throughout the series, per the respective qualification standards, for Paris 2024. 

How to Earn Quotas 

The athlete quota allocation is determined through the OQS by a point system designed by each sport’s International Federation. Athletes in breaking, sport climbing, and BMX freestyle will compete for a maximum of 50 points at each of the OQS series locations, for a total of 100 points per athlete. The athletes with the highest combined points from both OQS events will earn a quota for Paris 2024. The number of available quotas for each includes: 20 for breaking, 38 for sport climbing (24 for boulder and lead, 14 for speed), and 12 total for BMX freestyle. 

Who to Watch 

Four of Team USA's top breaking athletes will be making their way to Shanghai and Budapest this summer for the OQS eyeing the two remaining quota slots, one for each gender. With a maximum of four athletes heading to the Olympic Games, Team USA will announce the final Olympic Team in late June following the second OQS competition in Budapest, Hungary. 

B- Girls: 

La Vix (Vicki Chang) from San Jose, California, and graduate of the University of California, started breaking at the age of 18 before dedicating her career to breaking full-time in 2021, a swtich from her work as an ecological consultant. Some of her career highlights include Undisputed Majors in the 2022 USA Championships, Breaking for Gold USA 2022 National Champion and titles in theTexas Breaking Open 2022 and 2022. 

Logistx (Logan Edra) from San Diego, California, started breaking at the young age of seven after being inspired by local breakers in the San Diego area. She has gone on to win the 2018 Silverback Open Championships, 2020 Junior breaking 7ToSmoke Radikal Forze Jam, and 2021 Red Bull BC One World Final. 


Gravity (Miguel Rosario) from New York City, New York, began breaking at the age of 16 after a career in gymnastics. Some of Gravity’s career highlights include silver at the 2022 FISE World Championships, 2023 WDSF Breaking for Gold World Series Japan seventh-place qualifier and gold at the 2020 Break X World Championships. 

Jeffro (Jeffrey Louis) from Houston, Texas, is the creator of Fitbreak, a groundbreaking fitness program that combines breakdancing and fitness exercises to optimize human performance and promote overall health. Some of Jeffro’s career highlights include the 2022 FISE Montpellier World Series champion, 2022 Breaking for Gold Montreal champion and 2022 World Games silver medalist. 

Currently Qualified 

Two athletes have already qualified for Paris 2024 through direct qualification processes.

B- Girl Sunny: 

Sunny Choi earned her quota for the Olympic Games in 2023 at the Pan American Games. Sunny began breaking during her freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania. Some of her career highlights include silver at the World Games, silver at the 2019 World Urban Games, and a top seven finish at the 2022 WDSF World Championships. 

B-Boy Victor: 

Victor Montalvo earned his quota for the Olympic Games by winning the 2023 world championships and is currently the world’s highest-ranked American male in the sport. Victor was introduced to breaking by his father and uncle, both of whom are considered breaking pioneers as they have helped to grow the sport in Mexico since the late 1980s. Some of Victor’s career highlights include 2023 world championship gold, 2022 world championship bronze and becoming the 2022 Red Bull BC One Champion. 

More Information 

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