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    When an athlete tests positive for a banned substance and the WADA Code mandates that the athlete is responsible for any substance in their body, identifying the source of the banned substance can be a critical part of proving lack of intention.

    The Athlete Ombuds has identified several laboratories where athletes can have products (i.e., supplements, medications, vitamins, creams, food, etc.) tested.

    The cost of testing can be expensive so athletes should discuss all costs and fees with the lab prior to engagement, as well as confidentiality expectations, what can be tested for, anticipated timelines for testing and results, how the product should be sent and what is needed in order to confirm contamination, how the lab report can be used in the results management process, the lab’s consultation or expert witness services, and any other questions or concerns.

    Please note that USADA or the applicable Results Management Authority may require follow-up or confirmatory testing of potentially contaminated products if the testing was not conducted at a WADA approved laboratory. A list of WADA accredited laboratories can be found here.

    Team USA Athletes may be eligible for financial assistance with the testing process, as well as access to the Athlete Legal Aid Program. Contact the Athlete Ombuds to learn more.

    Testing Lab Options

    These labs are not endorsed by the Athlete Ombuds and are provided as a courtesy to athletes looking for product testing options, but feel free to mention that you are an athlete in the Olympic or Paralympic Movement and learned about these resources through the Athlete Ombuds. Any questions or payment should be directed to the lab.



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