2024 Team USA Media Summit Press Conferences
Monday, April 15

Welcome to the Team USA Media Summit, with USOPC Leadership: With just over 100 days until the start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, hear from the leaders of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee to discuss the highly anticipated Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Complete with CEO, Sarah Hirshland and the heads of USOPC’s Athlete Services, Medical and Security, glean insights into how the organization is preparing for the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris, what to expect from the athletes this year and how Team USA plans to keep the delegation safe and healthy.

Speakers include:

  • Sarah Hirshland, CEO
  • Rocky Harris, Chief of Sport and Athlete Services
  • Nicole Deal, Chief of Security and Athlete Services
  • Jonathan Finnoff, Chief Medical Officer
  • MODERATOR: Ahmed Fareed

One for All: A Preview of the USOPC’s Biggest Platform Yet: Join the USOPC in a first look at Team USA’s all-new brand platform, One for All. The never-before-seen work is inspired by Team USA and all its glory – the largest and most diversely talented team of badass athletes on the planet. A complete transformation from previous campaigns, hear from both featured athletes and the minds behind the creative about how Team USA is bringing a fresh, bold perspective to Paris 2024.

Speakers include:

  • Jess Park, Chief of Brand and Fan Engagement, USOPC
  • Brandon Henderson, Wieden Kennedy
  • Alex Shibutani, Figure Skater
  • Grace Norman, Paratriathlon
  • Jordan Larson, Volleyball
  • MODERATOR: Ari Chambers

The Fight for Gold: Combat and Contact Sports at the Paris 2024 Games: Hear from athletes in across a variety of sports including boxing, rugby, wrestling, taekwondo and judo. Learn what to expect from the second-ever Paralympic Taekwondo competition, what it’s like to work a 9-to-5 as an Olympian and Paralympian, what motivates athletes off the playing field and more in this athlete roundtable.


  • Morelle McCane, Boxing
  • CJ Nickolas, Taekwondo
  • Evan Medell, Para Taekwondo
  • Liana Mutia, Para Judo
  • Abby Tamer, Field Hockey
  • Kelsey Bing, Field Hockey
  • MODERATOR: Coy Wire, CNN Correspondent

Starting XI: Soccer at the 2024 Paris Games: Join us for a thought-provoking conversation with some of Team USA Soccer’s youngest rising stars and seasoned veterans. Panelists will discuss their goals for Paris 2024, how they stay physically and mentally fit, and in the case of the USWNT members, what it means to them to be inspiring the next generation of athletes and gender parity advocates.

Speakers include:

  • John Tolkin
  • Rose Lavelle
  • Crystal Dunn
  • Emily Sonnett
  • MODERATOR: Jen Psaki

Back to the Mat: Gymnastics at the Paris 2024 Games: Gymnastics is consistently one of the most popular events at every Summer Games, and Paris will be no different. USA Gymnastics have taken a team gold or silver in every Games since 2008, and Paris is set to have as dazzling a team as ever. Hear from the superstars of Team USA Gymnastics about Paris preparations, what they’re most excited for and what to expect from this world-renowned group this summer.


  • Evita Griskenas, Gymnast
  • Kayla DiCello, Gymnast
  • Suni Lee, Gymnast
  • Yul Moldauer, Gymnast
  • Brody Malone, Gymnast
  • MODERATOR: Hoda Kotb

Paris Panel: Hear directly from the IOC and IPC on Paris preparations.


  • Lucia Montanarella, IOC
  • Craig Spence, IPC
  • MODERATOR: Jon Mason

The Evolution of the Paralympic Movement: In this insightful discussion with Paralympic athletes, some of Team USA’s most decorated athletes of Para sport will speak to the evolution of the Paralympic movement, including common myths and misconceptions and the importance of disabled representation. As they prepare to compete in Paris, they’ll also discuss what it means to be a Paralympic athlete and their individual journeys to the Summer Games.

Speakers include:

  • Beatrice Lavette, Para-Equestrian
  • Calahan Young, Goalball
  • Steve Serio, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Jamal Hill, Para Swimming
  • Ezra Frech, Para Track and Field
  • Justin Phongsavanh, Para Track and Field
  • MODERATOR: Ahmed Fareed, NBC

The Road to Paris: A Multisport Athlete Roundtable: Join us for an exciting roundtable discussion featuring athletes across Olympic sports including cycling, BMX, volleyball, skateboarding, climbing and swimming. Hear from Team USA athletes on how they see their sports evolving past the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Speakers include:

  • Alise Willoughby, BMX
  • Jordyn Poulter, Volleyball
  • Minna Stess, Skate
  • Brooke Raboutou, Climbing
  • Jesse Grupper, Climbing
  • Bobby Body, Powerlifting
  • MODERATOR: Selema Masekela, Sports Correspondent

Mental Health and the Games: With a heightened focus on what it means for an athlete to truly be at their best, hear from the U.S. Department of Health, the USOPC Psychological Services Team, and some of Team USA’s best about the importance of mental health care.

Speakers include:

  • Jess Bartley, USOPC
  • Nicky Nieves, Sitting Volleyball
  • Jaleen Roberts, Para Track & Field
  • Ilona Maher, Rugby
  • Nevin Harrison, Canoe
  • Perry Baker, Rugby
  • MODERATOR: Carolyn Manno, NBC

Moments Before Trials: Virtual Wrestling: Top contenders in wrestling sit down to discuss their sport, their journeys to the Olympics, and what they are most looking forward to about Paris 2024.

Speakers include:

  • Sarah Hildebrandt
  • David Taylor
  • Alan Vera
  • Troy Steiner, Coach
  • MODERATOR: Gary Abott

Creating the Life of a Champion: Athlete Services On and Off the Field: Every two years, audiences around the world witness the pinnacle of athletes’ careers as they compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Viewers rarely get to see the journey each athlete took to arrive at that point. Join leaders from Team USA’s Athlete Services team for a deep dive into the comprehensive journey of an athlete, touching on the aspects of their life before, during, and after competition.

Speakers Include:

  • Rebecca Biestman, GUILD
  • Daniella Ramirez, Artistic Swimming
  • Gene Derkack, Vice President of Major Giving for the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee
  • Carrie White, Vice President, Athlete Development & Engagement
  • Meghan O'Leary, United States Olympic and Paralympic Properties
  • MODERATOR: Summer Sanders

Diving Headfirst into Paris: Contenders in Indoor Water Events: Join us for a roundtable discussion with Team USA athletes competing in artistic swimming, diving and water polo on their roads to Paris and plans to stand atop the podium in Paris this summer. Learn the precision of how artistic swimmers stay perfectly synced and divers time their dives down to the millisecond, as well as the right way to tread water as a water polo athlete.

Speakers include:

  • Megumi Field, Artistic Swimming
  • Ben Hallock, Water Polo
  • Maggie Steffens, Water Polo
  • Andrew Capobianco, Diving
  • Ashleigh Johnson, Water Polo
  • Bill May, Artistic Swimming
  • MODERATOR: Summer Sanders

Don’t Call it a Comeback: A Journey to Paris 2024 - Each with a unique and powerful journey back to sport, hear firsthand how athletes are approaching the Paris 2024 Games.

Speakers include:

  • Sam Bosco, Para-cycling
  • Jourdan Delacruz, Weightlifting
  • Beiwen Zhang, Badminton
  • McKenzie Coan, Para Swimming
  • Brian Bell, Wheelchair Basketball
  • MODERATOR: Al Roker, NBC

The Path to Parity: Women’s Sport in the United States: More than a century after women first competed at the Olympic Games, women’s sports are making strides in the United States. From new women’s teams joining professional sports leagues to a greater awareness of gender equality, join us for a discussion about the evolution of female sport in America.

Speakers include:

  • Oksana Masters, Para-cycling
  • Courtney Ryan, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Sunny Choi, Breaking
  • Gabby Thomas, Track and Field
  • Lee Kiefer, Fencing
  • Kate Douglass, Swimming
  • MODERATOR: Shelley Zalis, The Female Quotient

The Sprint to Paris: This Year’s Track & Field Contenders: The race to Paris 2024 is on, and these Olympic and Paralympic track and field stars are coming in hot. Meet the faces of Team USATF and U.S. Paralympics T&F and learn about their individual events, physical and mental preparation before arriving at the Stade de France.

Speakers include:

  • Anna Hall, Track and Field
  • Fiona O’Keeffe, Track and Field
  • Noelle Malkamaki, Para Track and Field
  • Jaydin Blackwell, Para Track and Field
  • Tara Davis-Woodhall, Track and Field
  • Kenny Bednarek, Track and Field
  • MODERATOR: Sanya Richard-Ross

Training for the Future: Team USA Innovation: Curious how cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence can revolutionize Team USA’s performance? Join leading Olympic and Paralympic athletes to learn how incorporating technology has transformed their training methods, injury prevention and competitive achievements. USOPC's Mike Levine will also share how advancements in technology translate into Team USA’s athlete care.

Speakers include:

  • Mike Levine, Director, Performance Innovation Business Operations
  • Mary Tucker, Shooting
  • Morgan Pearson, Triathlon
  • Dennis Connors, Para-cycling
  • Marco De La Rosa, Para Shooting
  • Hampton Morris, Weightlifting
  • MODERATOR: Matt James

Main Character Moment: Unique Sports on the World Stage: Hear from leaders of some of the most unique sports, from modern pen and BMX to Breaking, which is making their Olympic debut, on their preparation for Paris 2024 and claiming their ‘main character’ moment.

Speakers include:

  • Jessica Davis, Modern Pen
  • Hans Henken, Sailing
  • Victor Montalvo (B-Boy)
  • Hannah Roberts, BMX
  • Miles Krajewski, Para Badminton
  • MODERATOR: Selema Masekela

Wednesday, April 17

Riding the Wave: Contenders in Outdoor Water Events: Join us for a conversation with the top Team USA contenders in Olympic and Paralympic Canoe and Rowing, as well as Olympic Surfing. Moderated by actor Luke Slattery of “Boys in the Boat,” hear from athletes who also serve as authors, charity founders, motivational speakers and research analysts, about navigating the waters of Paris 2024, including how one athlete will stay connected to the Paris Games as she competes for gold nearly 10,000 miles away from the City of Light.

Speakers include: 

  • Evy Leibfarth, Canoe
  • Blake Haxton, Para Canoe
  • Michelle Sechser, Rowing
  • Ben Washburne, Para Rowing
  • Carissa Moore, Surfing
  • MODERATOR: Luke Slattery, Boys in the Boat

Team USA à la mode: A look at fashion and the Games: The official designer of Team USA since 2008, Ralph Lauren outfits athletes ahead of and during the games. Now, with just 100 days until the Olympic Games where Team USA will head to the fashion capital of the world, hear from Ralph Lauren’s biggest partners about the role that self expression and fashion plays in how they show up.

Speakers include:

  • Jessica Long, Para Swimming
  • Jagger Eaton, Skate
  • Jeffrey Louis, Breaking
  • Daniela Moroz, Sailing
  • MODERATOR: Dylan Dreyer, NBC

Accessibility & Sport: Accessibility & Sport features five standout Paralympic athletes of different sports and USOPC Chief of Paralympics Julie Dussliere to discuss the intersection between accessibility and athletic competitions. From adaptive equipment and accessible programs to life outside the competition, hear from some of Team USA’s best about their respective experiences.
Speakers include:

  • Zion Redington, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Nick Taylor, Boccia
  • Ian Seidenfeld, Para Table Tennis
  • Kaleo Kanahele Maclay, Sitting Volleyball
  • David Wagner, Wheelchair Tennis
  • Julie Dussliere, USOPC
  • MODERATOR: Amanda McGrory

Beyond Paris: the Future of American Sport : Hear from the leaders looking beyond Paris at what the future of sport looks like in the United States. In four years, LA28 will welcome the world for an unparalleled Olympic and Paralympic Games experience. A potential return to Salt Lake City for a near-term Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is also on the table. What will the next decade look like for Team USA and how are American sports poised to impact the world?

Speakers include:

  • Janet Evans – Olympic Swimmer and LA28 Chief Athlete Officer
  • Catherine Raney-Norman – Chair, Utah Committee for the Games
  • Gene Sykes – Chair, USOPC
  • MODERATOR: Rich Perelman

The Euro Step: A Look Into Men's & Women's Basketball: Join us for a conversation with some of the top figures in USA Basketball. Within this 40 minute panel, you’ll hear from members of a legendary USA Women’s National team on aspirations to secure their eighth-straight Olympic gold medal this summer, continuing an elite dynasty dating back to the late ‘90s. Listen to competitors in the 3x3 Men’s basketball about their goals for Paris and USA Men’s National Team managing director Grant Hill on how the men’s basketball roster was selected.
Speakers include:

  • Breanna Stewart, Basketball
  • Grant Hill, Basketball
  • Coach Cheryl Reeve, Basketball
  • Jimmer Fredette, 3v3 Basketball
  • Canyon Barry, 3v3 Basketball
  • Dylan Travis, 3v3 Basketball
  • Kareem Maddox, 3v3 Basketball
  • MODERATOR: Omar Jimenez

Mise-en-Seine: American Athletes Take their Mark: Join us for an insightful discussion with some of the top American athletes as they prepare to leave their mark on Paris. Hosted by Summer Sanders, this panel will feature both Olympic and Paralympic swimmers and track and field stars as they share their journeys, strategies and aspirations for the upcoming Games.

Speakers include:

  • Bobby Finke, Swimming
  • Lydia Jacoby, Swimming
  • Olivia Chambers, Para Swimming
  • Ryan Crouser, Track and Field
  • Nick Mayhugh, Track and Field
  • MODERATOR: Summer Sanders

Aiming for Paris: Join top contenders in archery, fencing and track and field for a discussion on previous Olympic and Paralympic experiences and how they’re preparing for Paris 2024.
Speakers include:

  • Casey Kaufhold, Archery
  • Matt Stutzman, Para Archery
  • Eli Dershwitz, Fencing
  • Ellen Geddes, Wheelchair Fencing
  • MODERATOR: Amanda McGory

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