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Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association logo

Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association

Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association (CCSA), is a non-profit organization located in Ada, Michigan. As a chapter of Disabled Sports USA, CCSA provides volunteer training and ski instruction for individuals with disabilities. CCSA strives to serve all ages and disabilities in their programs. We strongly encourage family participation and the maximum independence possible for each individual.


City of Kentwood Parks & Recreation logo

City of Kentwood Parks & Recreation

The Kentwood Parks & Recreation Department is an essential service designed to improve the overall quality of life for individuals of all abilities. They are a community based organization developed to involve youth and adults with physical disabilities in sports and recreation regardless of skill level.


Lucky Fin Project logo

Lucky Fin Project

The Lucky Fin Project is a nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness and celebrate children and individuals born with a limb difference or effected by a limb difference. We aim to create a support network for parents across the U.S. and around the world, link parents to medical information and resources and provide education on limb differences.

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Mary Free Bed Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports logo

Mary Free Bed Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports

If you're interested in wheelchair and adaptive sports, Mary Free Bed offers a variety of athletic programs for patients and community members. Those with mobility impairments can reap the same benefits of athletic activity and competition as the able-bodied enjoy. And, research proves that participating in sports and other recreation programs goes beyond the repair of the physical – athletic and leisure activities also have marked psychological and social advantages for people with disabilities.


Michigan Adaptive Sports logo

Michigan Adaptive Sports

Michigan Adaptive Sports (MAS) is a chapter of Disabled Sports USA, a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization established for the purpose of providing sports, recreation and physical fitness opportunities for persons with disabilities. We offer a competitive aspect as a part of our program for those seeking a higher challenge. We host many annual clinics and events which provide ample challenges and opportunities for fun and excitement. We are able to provide these sports and activities to a very wide range of people.Our participants are of all ages, from young children to adults, and their disabilities include amputation, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, head injuries, and many others.

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Michigan Blind Athletes Association

The Michigan Blind Athletic Association (MBAA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide visually impaired individuals, who are often segregated from physical education classes and competition, opportunities to participate in competitive and recreational athletic activities. The MBAA further considers, as part of its mission, the continuing education of coaches and physical education instructors in techniques of coaching and physical education for participants of all ages who are visually impaired. The MBAA is dedicated to the proposition that, empowered to participate, the quality of life of persons who are visually impaired is improved while he/she develops the confidence needed to participate and contribute in a competitive society.

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USA Hockey logo

Michigan Sled Dogs

We are the Michigan Sled Dogs and our home rink is the Great Lakes Sports City Ice Arena located in Fraser. Currently, our team consists of fifteen athletes, both male and female, with a variety of disabilities including; amputees, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, and spinal cord injuries. The teammates range in age from sixteen to their mid-forties. We began playing in 2004 and have grown into a competitive traveling sled hockey team.


Michigan Sports Unlimited logo

Michigan Sports Unlimited

Michigan Sports Unlimited, Inc. (MSU) recognizes the value of sports and recreation in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to educate, instruct, and provide unlimited access to a wide range of recreational activities in order too improve the physical, social, and mental well-being of individuals with disabilities and ultimately empower them to acheive success.


Michigan State University Demmer Center logo

Michigan State University Demmer Center

The Demmer Center vision is to develop a world-class shooting sports education and training center that provides a safe, clean, family atmosphere appealing to both shooters and non-shooters across all demographics. The Demmer Center includes indoor range facilities to allow year-round use and is designed to accommodate a variety of shooting sports activities. We utilize the latest in shooting range technology and our facility is designed in an environmentally friendly manner. We are also Green Certified by the MSU Sustainability Office.

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Oakland County Parks logo

Oakland County Parks

Oakland County Parks strives to provide recreational and leisure opportunities for all residents of Oakland County. Our partnerships with more than 30 non-profit agencies, schools and disabled sports organization enable Oakland County Parks to cooperatively provide unique recreation options. We provide programs that promote physical activity, healthy lifestyles and competitive sports opportunities for children and adults who have a physical disability.


Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Adapted Sports

Are you interested in participating in an adapted sports program? Would you like to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness? Maybe you’re looking to make new friends, socialize or just have fun! Then join the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan’s SportsAbility program. Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan’s SportsAbility program provides competitive and recreational sporting opportunities for persons with disabilities.


Team River Runner Logo

Team River Runner Battle Creek

Team River Runner (TRR), established in August 2004 by kayakers in the Washington, DC area, is a primarily volunteer non-profit organization run by a council of kayakers and overseen by a board of directors. TRR was initially established to help active duty military personnel wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan who were recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. With the success there obvious and the opportunity elsewhere apparent, TRR expanded to other Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) chapter sites in 2007. TRR envisions a national network which creates innovative paddling programs designed to assist with the recovery of those injured while serving our country. Through paddle sports, TRR volunteers and partners provide local communities unique opportunities for the active, safe and positive support of healing service members and their families. Sports Offered


Thunder in the Valley Games

The First Thunder in the Valley Games for athletes with physical disabilities was held June 19-22, 2008 at Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw, Michigan. The Games offer an amazing opportunity to bring people with physical disabilities together to compete in a very similar model to the Paralympics. The Games are open to all athletes, regardless of age or ability.


University of Michigan Adaptive Sports & Fitness logo

University of Michigan Adaptive Sports & Fitness

University of Michigan Adaptive Sports and Fitness (ASAF) seeks to lead the state of Michigan and the nation in adaptive sports and fitness by embracing diversity and providing opportunities to student-athletes and community members with and without disabilities. We have competitive, recreational, and drop-in opportunities in four Paralympic sports at UM varsity facilities: wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, track and field, and para-equestrian. Our Adaptive Sports and Inclusive Recreation Initiative (ASIRI) aims to embed adaptive sports as part of the physical education curriculum in Ann Arbor Public Schools, with the goal of expansion across the state of Michigan, to increase knowledge, awareness, access, and participation in adaptive sports among students and physical education teachers. Our program has partnered with our local Center for Independent Living to create an accessible fitness space for our student-athletes and the general public. In addition to the above, the program has a student group at UM that aims to increase awareness and inclusion of people and athletes with disabilities.

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