Tokyo 2022 Paralympic Sport Previews

Paralympic Collegiate Footprint

In 2021, the world will unite as athletes join together in triumph for the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Since its inception, the Games have sparked a global movement that continues to change the way the world thinks about disability, inclusivity and human potential, all the while becoming the third largest sporting event in the world and number one for driving social inclusion. More than 290 athletes are expected to represent the stars and the stripes in Tokyo across 22 Paralympic sports. Check back often to meet the team as athletes qualify for the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Note that the roster may be adjusted due to injury, illness or exceptional circumstances up to the technical meetings for each sport.

Key Dates:

  • April 9-11, 2021: Arizona Stage 1 Paralympic Trials event, archery
  • June 17-20, 2021: U.S. Paralympic Team Trials – cycling, swimming, track and field
  • August 24- September 5, 2021: Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020
    *the page will be updated with more rescheduled events as they become available

USA ArcherySarah BoydCommunications Specialist 201-919-8050 
USA Boccia 
James Thomson    
USA Badminton 
Doug Ingels 
 Communications Specialist*      608-225-3905
American Canoe Assoc. 
Aaron Mann 
 Communications Coordinator  301-325-9504 
U.S. Paralympics Cycling 
Annemarie Blanco
 Press Officer  719-866-3479 
U.S. Para-Equestrian Association 
Lindsay McCall 
 Manager, Public Relations 
U.S. Association of Blind Athletes (Goalball)
Bill Kellick 
 Manager, Marketing and Public Relations  719-866-3222 
USA Judo 
Cecil Bleiker 
 Communications Specialist*  719-330-2062 
Logan University (Powerlifting) 
Kelley Humphries 
 Executive Director of Paralympic Operations 636-230-1736   
US Rowing 
Maeve Berry 
 Communications Coordinator  609-786-9027 
USA Shooting 
Kate Gest
 Assistant Manager, PR & Communications  757-681-0563
USA Volleyball - Sitting Volleyball 
B.J. Evan 
 Manager, Communications  719-228-6855 
U.S. Paralympics Swimming 
Annemarie Blanco 
 Press Officer   719-866-3479  
USA Table Tennis 
Michael Reff 
 Communications Specialist*  516-667-8692 
USA Taekwondo 
Bill Kellick 
 Communications Specialist*  719-354-6580 
U.S. Paralympics Track and Field   
Annemarie Blanco 
 Press Officer 719-866-3479 
USA Triathlon 
Caryn Maconi 
 Manager, Communications 719-955-2828 
National Wheelchair Basketball Association 
Brandon McBeain
 Director, Membership Services & Programs  719-266-4082 x108 
USA Fencing 
Nicole Jomantas 
 Director, Communications  719-866-4548 
Lakeshore Foundation (Wheelchair Rugby) 
Jen Remick Allred 
 Director, Communications and Membership 205-313-7417 
U.S. Tennis (Wheelchair Tennis) 
Tom LaDue 
 Director of Communications 914-697-2352