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How to stay healthy and high performing here - Long-term.

There's a trend in coaching that we need to be paying attention to... Many coaches are leaving, preferring to walk away than put themselves and their families through the lifestyle. And we are losing good coaches. Short bouts of exhaustion are expected, but chronic exhaustion and burnout should not. So how do we stay healthy and high performing here? The goal of this space is to offer coaches a system of support including well-being resources, advocacy, and development throughout their Team USA journey.

Who we are

We are a group of USOPC employees and vendors creating a care network for coaches. From nutrition and sleep to psychological and physical health, our goal is to help manage the emotional toll of coaching across high performance sport. More bios coming soon!

  • EL

    Emilie Lazenby, MS, CMPC, CSCS, RYT

    Emilie is the Coach Well-being Lead within the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee's Coaching Department – She leads USOPC team and coach retreats and is a provider to our national team coaches across Team USA. She has held various coaching and leadership positions across a variety of industries with the goal of supporting high performers in navigating life and work in extreme environments. Emilie spent eight years with the US Army Special Operations Command teaching psychological skills with units readying to deploy, two years at the US Air Force leading their Master Resilience Training initiative, and six years supporting heavy industry workers in managing austere conditions in remote locations around the world. She has a Master’s degree in Biomechanics, specializing in Sport & Performance Psychology, and holds certifications as a Performance Enhancement Specialist from United States Military Academy at West Point, Master Resilience Trainer from the University of Pennsylvania, Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Registered Yoga Teacher, and is currently working towards her certifications as a Heartmath and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor.

What we do

We create conditions for coaches to practice recovery - C.A.R.E (Courses, Assessments, Retreats, and Experiments) is a compilation of resources coaches can return to anytime, anywhere. They include vetted opportunities for taking care in high performance sport, connecting with peers, utilizing new habits, and tapping into a supportive learning community.

  • MC


    Download our courses on the Mobile Coach App for a deeper dive into Sleep, Breathwork, Movement, Nutrition, Connection, and Stress Resilience.

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  • assess


    From biofeedback and stress testing, to breathwork baselines and recovery protocols, we offer one-on-one support for coaches looking to improve their physiology, performance, and longevity. To get started, take our confidential well-being profile for a more thorough understanding of yours.

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  • Coach retreat


    Our retreats help you and your team explore new ways to experience deep rest and feel at your best, long-term. Instead of using work to recover from home and home to recover from work, we offer the opportunity to take space from both - Returning to your coaching with fresh perspective.

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  • Coach retreat


    From one-on-one mentoring to creating a well-being practice, we work together to figure out what works in your own environment. What can you expect from this type of support? Learn about what this looks like here.

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How we do it

Whether you're interested in assessing your stress and recovery, improving energy, or preparing for your next season on the road (to name a few), we can come to you and/or connect virtually.

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