Tactical well-being resources for coaches, based in science.

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Welcome coaches! Thanks for being here.

Every coach deserves to feel energized and inspired throughout their career, and as we know, the demands of high performance sport can often exceed our capacity to do so. Below is a series of resources to help you take care in high demand, isolating, and constrained environments - Long-term. Here, well-being is tactical and adaptable and personal. Feel free to utilize this space in whatever way you want, but here is how it is designed to help you succeed:

Option 1: Assess your baseline.

You can't sustain performance if you're not well. Start here for a clear understanding of what habit(s) to target... What results would improve (for yourself and your team) if you simply focused on being consistent? Backed by clinical research, this confidential profile measures consistency across six foundational habits (Your ability to maintain Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Breathwork, Connection, and Stress Resilience - on and off the road):
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Option 2: Choose a habit.

Months from now, what will you wish you made time for? This opens up to a catalog of options (Sleep, Stress, Breathwork, Nutrition, Movement, or Connection)... Take your time here! Experiment with different routines and rituals. Find a rhythm. Connect with experts. Notice what works (and when).


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    Sleep - Optimizing imperfect sleep

    We know sleep is the most powerful performance enhancer. We also know it’s impossible to get perfect sleep every night. Get high quality sleep by knowing how to reset during (and after) periods of sleep deprivation/restriction.

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Option 3: Periodize what works.

Transfer what's working well to incoming, high demand phases. Start small. Get good at showing up. Scale up when you have the time, energy, and interest. REPEAT.

What would help your energy this season? At the Games?


Example Daily Routine (writeable and printable).pdf


Blank Daily Routine (writeable and printable).pdf


Andrew Hubermans Daily Re-Up.pdf

Coaches for Coaches

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Audio + Video

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    With Christiane Wolf, MD, PhD

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    With Johannes Egberts, founder of Breathless Expeditions

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    Sleep Script

    With Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace

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  • epworth

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    With the Epworth Clinic, Australia.

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