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The USOPC provides several educational resources designed to meet your unique needs to help set you up for success beyond your athletic career. Whether you are actively competing or retired and looking for the next step, we've got you covered.

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I would not have been able to pursue my education while chasing my gold medal dreams without the support of the USOPC's Tuition Grants.

Nathan Chen, 2022 Olympic Gold Medalist

Guild Educational Platform

The USOPC is thrilled to announce its new education benefit through Guild! This partnership provides access to over 300 tuition-free and partially-funded tuition programs through a variety of schools and learning providers. Guild is a platform that brings together organizations like the USOPC and learning providers to provide access to education so that Team USA athletes have a chance to explore new opportunities by learning and gaining new skills. Guild simplifies complicated processes that come with researching, selecting, and getting started in a learning program.

As of March 2024, eligible Team USA athletes can enroll in programs like: 

  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, sports administration, technology, communications, and more 

  • Certificates in marketing, data analytics, and more 

These programs are offered through well respected and established institutions like Purdue Global, eCornell, among others. 

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More Education Resources

  • Team USA Tuition Grants

    Athlete Services awards over $800 thousand annually to Team USA athletes for education in the form of tuition grants. The Team USA Tuition Grants allow athletes to further their education in preparation for lifelong career goals by defraying a portion of athletes’ tuition costs. This can take the form of traditional 2-and 4-year undergraduate or graduate degrees, industry specific certificates, professional development courses, job readiness training courses, and other educational courses that will lead to the advancement of the athlete’s career aspirations.

    Please reach out to with any questions.

    *Note: The Team USA Tuition Grant does not support high school programs.*

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  • In-State Tuition in CA, CO, & UT

    Through the USOPC, eligible Team USA athletes living and training in California, Colorado, and Utah can receive in-state tuition at select public colleges and universities regardless of an individual’s resident status. Read below about each state's participating programs and application process.

    *Athletes living and training in California must meet the Team USA Athlete Definition in order to be eligible for in-state tuition.

    Note: We have a long-term goal of nationwide in-state tuition for Team USA athletes and are working diligently to expand the program to other states.

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Team USA Tuition Grants

In-State Tuition Participating States

Click on the drop downs to learn the details of each state's legislature, participating schools, and application process for in-state tuition.

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