Cases - Arbitration and Hearing Panels

Sections 8, 9, 10 & 11

  • Section 8

    What is a Section 8 Complaint?

    A Section 8 complaint can be filed by the USOPC against an National Governing Body (NGB) to seek decertification, suspension or revocation of membership due to non-compliance with the Act and/or with the NGB certification obligations listed in Section 8 of the USOPC Bylaws.

  • Section 9

    What is a Section 9 Complaint?

    Athletes* may file a Section 9 complaint against an National Governing Body (NGB) alleging they have been denied, or threatened to be denied, with an opportunity to participate in a "protected competition". "Protected competitions" are defined by the USOPC Bylaws and may not apply to every NGB competition.

    *References to athletes applies equally to coaches, trainers, managers, officials and other members.

  • Section 10

    What is a Section 10 Complaint?

    An individual* who believes that their National Governing Body (NGB) is out of compliance with its obligations under the Ted Stevens Olympic & Amateur Sports Act and/or NGB certification standards as set forth in the USOPC Bylaws may file a Section 10 complaint with the USOPC.

    *An “individual” may include an amateur sports organization or a person that belongs to, or is eligible to belong to, an NGB.

  • Section 11

    What is a Section 11 Application?

    An amateur sports organization who wishes to replace an existing National Governing Body (NGB) for a particular sport may file a Section 11 application with the USOPC. The applying organization must articulate the current NGB’s non-compliance and show how it could more adequately fulfill NGB obligations. Section 11 applications are only accepted within the 1-year period after the final day of the Olympic or Paralympic Games (or Pan/Parapan American Games for sports not on the program of the Olympic or Paralympic Games).