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    We recognize that anti-doping matters can be complex and feel overwhelming at times, and we hope this page helps athletes better understand the rules, find information and access resources. On this webpage you can find links below to key documents and other resources that may be helpful to navigating an anti-doping matter, including:

    • An overview of anti-doping organizations and rules
    • The role of the Athlete Ombuds in anti-doping matters
    • Links to key Informational resources
    • Issue specific information for several common anti-doping matters
    • Support resources – legal, mental health & product testing
    • Additional resources and helpful links

    Please Note: This information is not comprehensive and does not cover all situations an athlete might face in the context of clean sport. It is provided as an overview of general information and resources. Nothing on this website is intended to supersede official documents and individuals should reference the applicable anti-doping authority’s resource for the most up to date and accurate information..

    Key Informational Resources

    • USADA’s Policies and Publications

      Go here for links to The Code, WADA Prohibited List, WADA International Standards, USADA Protocol for Olympic & Paralympic Movement Testing, USADA TUE Policy, USADA Whereabouts Policy, the Clean Sport Handbook, Athlete Pocket Guide, information about nutrition & supplements and more.

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    • An Athlete’s Guide to Anti-Doping by USADA

      Go here for informational resources on a number of topics, including Anti-Doping 101, Medicines/Medical Care, Testing, Supplements, the Prohibited List, and other tips and tricks.

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    • USADA FAQs

      Go here for FAQs about USADA & its authority, the Testing Process, Whereabouts Filing & Requirements, the WADA Prohibited List, Results Management Process, Supplements and the TUE Process.

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    • WADA Website

      Go here to learn more about WADA and what they do and to access their athlete and support personnel resources.

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    Common Anti-Doping Topics

    • Whereabouts

      Find information and support related to whereabouts laid out in a FAQ format

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    Accessing Support

    • Attorneys Familiar with Anti-Doping Matters

      Anyone who would like to work with an attorney who can either represent you or give you good advice on how to best represent yourself, please feel free to review and contact any of the attorneys listed on our website. There is no obligation to the attorneys on our list and we encourage you to speak with and choose whomever you please. Any engagement and/or fee arrangement would be between you and them

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    • Team USA Athlete Legal Aid Program

      Our Office does have a Legal Aid Program to assist Team USA Athletes who meet certain eligibility and financial need requirements to receive aid for fees and costs associated with legal representation or the proceeding itself with respect to claims before an anti-doping organization. You can find the program guidelines, eligibility requirements and application on our website.

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    • Mental Health Resources

      Looking for support? Team USA Athletes, the USOPC has a Psychological Services team and resources available should you need additional support in challenging situations.

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    • Product Testing Options

      Athletes can have products (i.e., supplements, medications, vitamins, etc.) tested for potential contamination in an effort to identify and confirm the source of a prohibited substance found in their sample. Go here for a few different testing options available to athletes. Please note that USADA or the applicable Results Management Authority may require follow-up or confirmatory testing of potentially contaminated products if the testing was not conducted at a WADA approved laboratory.

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