Quality Parenting Framework

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The Quality Parenting Framework highlights how to involve parents and guardians effectively across a range of sport settings. It establishes a common language and provides best principles for high-quality sport parenting, providing opportunity for including and engaging parents and guardians as part of quality sport programs.

This Quality Parenting Framework provides evidence-based, informed principles on how stakeholders can collectively think of, speak about, encourage and enact high quality parenting across the range of participatory, competitive, and Team USA sport contexts. 

The role-specific toolkits in the links above will provide more specific guidance to coaches, parents, caregivers, and guardians. The toolkits are derived from the larger Quality Parenting Framework. USOPC Coaching will be adding to the inventory of supporting resources for each framework/resource, including webinars and presentations, role-specific toolkits, and in-person learning opportunities.

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