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    High Performance Programs

    Strength and conditioning staff provide scientific, sport-specific training protocols by developing a proper and thorough needs analysis for each sport. By applying optimal stress, recovery and program design to training programs, athletes maximize training efforts and are better prepared for competition.

    Athletes are assigned to their own dedicated strength and conditioning specialist, who focuses on injury prevention and performance management. These experts work with technical specialists to develop multiple modes of training, including explosive power, speed training and flexibility.

    Strength and conditioning training is crucial, regardless of an athlete’s sport, because it provides specific conditioning in a manageable, controlled environment. A properly implemented strength and conditioning program is designed by looking at the physical demands of the sport and the individual needs of an athlete. Through an individualized sport-specific program, athletes are able to enhance physical characteristics that may not be addressed inherently through the sport. By training for power, speed, strength, flexibility, agility or balance outside of the sport, athletes are able to gain an edge over competitors by improving weaknesses or limiting factors to their performance.

    The goals of strength and conditioning programs are to minimize the risk of injury and to complement sport-specific training. For instance, a sprinter needs to have power and strength, whereas a shooter may need extra conditioning to maintain a high level of execution through the duration of a competition. Periodized programs are designed for athletes to peak at elite international competition, such as world championships, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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