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Fostering Team USA Athlete Well-Being and Competitive Excellence

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  • Empowering the competitive excellence and well-being of Team USA athletes is core to the USOPC’s mission. We want Team USA athletes to reach their full potential and aspirations on and off the field of play. From physical and mental health to sport sciences, safety and empowerment, we furthered our efforts to show up for Team USA in their training, competition and beyond.  

    In 2023, the USOPC continued to reinforce what it means to be part of Team USA, underscoring the expanded well-being support available to athletes at all stages of their journeys. To better reach Team USA athletes, we invested in the creation and launch of Agora, a new digital platform where athletes can learn, communicate and tap into customized wellness benefits and services all in one place.  

    Our efforts helped support performance milestones in 2023, including at the Pan American and Parapan American Games where Team USA led all 41 countries with 452 medals. During this celebration of sport across the Americas where Team USA showed their determination, resilience and talent, 16 U.S. athletes and seven teams clinched direct qualification to the Paris 2024 Games. 

  • Amanda Dennis, Goalball Paralympian of Team USA competing at the Santiago 2023 Parapan Games
    Mark Reis/USOPC
It is very important to me to develop my life outside of athletic pursuits and contribute to society in other ways. What [USOPC donors and supporters] provide gives me and many others the opportunity to be more than just athletes. Thank you so much for supporting that balance in our lives.

Alena Olsen, Rugby