Getting to Paris

Hello Friends and Family, and welcome to the Official Team USA Friends and Family Website for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. More than 10,500 athletes from across the world are expected to compete in 32 sports at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, with 4,400 athletes from across the world expected to compete in 22 sports at the 2024 Paralympics Games in Paris. We’re here to help you navigate to and around Paris to support Team USA.

Entering Paris

  • Paris CDG Arrival

    The Primary Port of Entry for Paris 2024 will be Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG), which is located 16 miles North East of the Paris city center. The airport offers easy connection by road and rail to the Paris Village and by rail and plane to co-host cities. Services will be available at all airport terminals at CDG. 

  • Secondary Arrival Airport

    Secondary Ports of Entry include Paris-Orly International Airport (ORY), Gare du Nord (XPG) Paris, Gare de Lyon (PLY) Paris, Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) Marseille, and Fa’a’a International Airport (PPT) Papeete. These airports will offer limited services for arrivals and departures according to competition schedules for co-host cities.

Entering Paris FAQs

Ground Transportation

  • Public Transport 101

    The city of Paris is connected by an extensive public transport network, comprising public buses, metro lines, trams, and RER (Regional Express Trains). Paris boasts one of the world's most extensive and efficient public transport systems.

    The Paris Organizing Committee suggests the following apps to help with your navigation of the city

    Additionally, to get around in the best way possible during the Games, the following site is recommended as it pertains to public transport closures, crowds/lines at the stations, driving restrictions, and security perimeters Anticipating the Games (

  • Metro Information

    The RATP (Régie autonome des transports) is the most used form of public transportation in Paris and is likely the most efficient way to travel from accommodation to venue. To see the entire coverage map for the RATP, visit .

    To access the metro in Paris, you’ll want to buy a Navigo Card. To learn more about ways to purchase this card, the services that it serves, as well as the coverage, please visit .

    The price of a Navigo will change depending on if you are paying per ride or buy a card for a designated amount of time (weekend/week/month/etc). It has been reported that metro rides will face a significant increase during Games time and can be as much as 4 Euro per ride.

Ground Transportation FAQs

Paris Games-Time Public Transport System


Accommodations in Paris during both Olympic and Paralympic Games may prove to be a challenge as the city is flooded with spectators. We have a few suggestions below for those looking for accommodation resources during their stay:

  • Hotels

    Do a search on sites like Kayak,,, etc. for pricing and availability. Be prepared that if you are looking to stay in central Paris during the Games the nightly price is hefty. You can also look at properties directly (i.e. looking at an IHG, Marriott or Hilton site directly) and see what inventory they have.

     We would anticipate that over the next month or two there will be some more hotel inventory that comes online based on group bookings adjustments/drops that will become available with various hotels in Paris.


  • Airbnb

    You can take a look at options through Airbnb. It would be good to do some research ahead of time and know which neighborhood(s) you would like to be in and also which one’s are closest to the venues/activities that you are most interested in.

    Consider staying outside of Paris on a train line and commuting in for your events and experiences. The cost of housing outside of Paris will still be elevated, however likely will be less expensive than within Paris directly.

    To visit the official Paris Games Time Airbnb site, click here:

The following links have been provided from the Paris Organizing Committee and will provide additional information on spectator accommodation as well as the location of competition venues.

Have more questions? Reach out to your Friends & Family Coordinator NGB Contact.