Security & Emergency Information

There are a number of websites and contacts you should know before entering Paris. Knowing where to go or who to call incase of emergency is an important part of any international travel. Please bookmark the information and websites below. Information on this page is subject to change. Please re-visit as you get closer to your departure to make sure up to date on the latest event and security information.

The following links have been provided by the US Embassy in Paris with the purpose of guiding all American travelers at the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. The first link will redirect you to a Special Events 2024 website, which is a one-stop shop for travel tips for the Games. The website will continue to update as new information is received.

As far as recommended medical professionals and hospitals, the US Embassy cannot provide a “preferred” list as they cannot recommend any one over the others, but have provided the following list of medical professionals and hospitals.

Security Contact Information

Paris 2024 Contact Card

Have more questions? Reach out to your Friends & Family Coordinator NGB Contact.