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There are multiple ways for Friends and Family to get tickets to Olympic and Paralympic Events. Please read below for information on the different programs that are available.


Obtaining tickets for Olympic and Paralympic competitions in Paris can be stressful and challenging. The goal of this guide is to make the process as simple for Team USA athlete’s friends and family as possible. Friends and family should plan to secure all their ticket needs prior to Games-Time, as it will be less stressful for the athlete during the time of competition. While there will not be a dedicated walk-up space in country, The USOPC will have a dedicated Event Ticket Coordinator to help with AFF, NGBs, & USOPC Internal Divisions respectively. Their contact information will be shared as soon as possible. Please revisit this page for updated information. There are multiple ways to obtain tickets to the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics as a Friends and Family member:

  • USOPC Internal Ticket Program

    The USOPC Internal ticket program, or Athlete comp ticket program, is where the USOPC, to the best of their ability, will provide 2 complimentary tickets to the athletes for the sessions they participate in. The NGB F&F coordinator will eventually be given access to this portal and can help with the transfer of tickets.

    *Please revisit this page or reach out to your Friends & Family coordinator if you have any questions about the logistics of the program.

  • Athlete Friends & Family Ticket Program

    The AF&F (Athlete Friends and Family) ticket program is operated by the organizing committee. Athletes or friends and families have the option to purchase 2 tickets for each session they participate in via an online portal by using an athlete’s accreditation number. The credential number will be sent to the athlete sometime in April, when they will have the opportunity to share the website and their ACR number with their F&F if they choose so that they can purchase the tickets themselves. Paris is finalizing their app and online ticket management tool now. Once webinars and user guides are available, that information will live with the athlete’s NGB friends and family coordinator.

    *Paris 2024 will guarantee two tickets for purchase per competing athlete per session, except for swimming, shooting, athletics (race walk), and road cycling. For these four sports/disciplines, Paris 2024 will guarantee one ticket for purchase per competing athlete per session. This policy will impact the USOPC Internal Ticket Program, as well.

Tickets to these Games are in high demand and will go fast. For those in need of additional tickets for Friends and Family, this site here is live now and tickets will continue to be released here. The official resale portal will also open to the public in late Spring.

Ticket FAQs

Paris 2024 Ticketing Purchase Window

Qualification Criteria & Event Schedule

  • Qualification Criteria

    Each sport has its own selection procedure for selecting athletes to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Those procedures can be found on the respective National Governing Body (NGB) or High Performance Management Organization (HPMO) websites. Please visit https://www.teamusa.com and select the “Sports” drop down options to navigate to each respective site.

  • Event Schedule

    Updated versions of the competition schedule will be posted on the official Games website as well as the Olympics Page on the Team USA Website as they become available. Once official times come out for each respective event, re-visit this webpage for the most up to date schedule. Day-to-day schedules or each sport can be found at the web page below:

    Olympic Games Competition Schedule

    Paralympic Games Competition Schedule

Have more questions? Reach out to your Friends & Family Coordinator NGB Contact.