We provide unique experiences for team members to build relationships, connect across the Movement, and show their pride in Team USA.

One of the most important aspects of sport is the idea of the "team". For an athlete, "team" may mean the other athletes on the field with them; their friends and family cheering them on in the stands; the group of coaches, medical providers, and others supporting them behind the scenes; or a combination of all these. At the USOPC, we understand the importance of the team and make it our goal to connect our team members with others across the Olympic and Paralympic Movements to foster belonging.

As the one and only National Olympic & Paralympic Committee for the United States, we have the unique ability to provide extraordinary, life-impacting experiences for our team members, all for the ultimate benefit of Team USA.

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Nurture Community

As an organization that embraces flexible work arrangements, we understand that building connection with other team members and partners is more important than ever. We provide experiences that enable our team to strengthen relationships with others across the Movement.

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    Community Resource Groups (CRGs)

    Comprised of USOPC and National Governing Body staff, CRGs provide a forum to exchange ideas, information and perspectives that foster learning and allyship in the workplace. 

    Community Resource Groups

    Internal Volunteer Opportunities

    Both the USOPC and NGBs host a variety of events throughout the year that are open for team members to volunteer. In addition, team members have the option to use their Volunteer paid time off to volunteer for external organizations and give back to their community.


    Wellness Committee

    Comprised of team members across the organization, the Wellness Committee's purpose is to promote a positive culture of wellness by providing holistic and inclusive resources and benefits to empower team members to be their personal and professional best. We aim to have wellness initiatives that are intentional, accessible, and impactful for every team member.

    Wellness Committee

Celebrate Success

Just like we root for Team USA in our favorite sporting events, we love to root for each other as team members. Whether in-person or virtually, we create intentional moments to come together and celebrate each other.

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    Service Awards

    We are fortunate to have team members who dedicate so much of their careers to the USOPC, and we love to celebrate them for all they have done for Team USA over the years. Each year, we get together (both in-person and virtually) to recognize our team members who are celebrating milestone service anniversaries. From 5 years of service to 45 years, we are immensely grateful for this team!


    All-Team Gatherings

    While our team members are located across the country, we know it's important for us to get together in person to build relationships face to face, no webcams required. At least once a year, we host a day of celebration for our team members to come together, meet new people, and celebrate our accomplishments as a team.


    Town Hall Meetings

    Each quarter, we meet virtually as an organization to recognize new team members, update the organization on key strategic milestones, and look forward to upcoming Games. Even if we aren't all in-person, it's a great way to stay connected, both to each other and to the mission.

Foster Pride

The impact we create for Team USA athletes as part of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements is unparalleled. We cultivate one-of-a-kind experiences for our team members to influence the athlete experience, connect to the history of the Movement, and showcase their love of sport.

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    Games Experiences

    We have the incredible opportunity to support Team USA at a variety of Games events, both domestically and internationally.


    Olympic & Paralympic Stories

    From the Olympic & Paralympic Training Centers to our in-house Crawford Family U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Archives and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, we have so many ways to appreciate the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and the stories of Team USA athletes.

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