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Inclusion comes to life in the Paralympic Games where the incredibly talented Team USA Paralympic athletes display their strong and diverse abilities and backgrounds.

Every day, we work to increase awareness and parity among Olympic and Paralympic athletes. After being approved by the USOPC board in 2019, retroactive to the 2018 Winter Games, the Beijing Games marked the second Winter Games where Paralympic medalists received gold medal parity to Olympic medalists.

After groundbreaking success partnering with NBCUniversal for the Tokyo 2020 Games, we again partnered to provide first-ever prime-time coverage of the Paralympic Winter Games. NBCUniversal aired more than 230 hours of Winter Paralympic programming, including a record 120 TV hours with three hours of primetime coverage.

  • 36%

    more respondents claimed to follow the 2022 Paralympic Games than in previous years

  • Nearly 2x

    increase in TV consumption in the U.S. *

  • More than 4x

    increase in streaming consumption minutes

  • Increase

    in social sentiment and engagement on Team USA channels during the Paralympic Games. *

*2022 Beijing Games vs. 2018 Pyeongchang Games