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  • Placing meaningful emphasis on athlete well-being – encompassing physical and mental health, safety, empowerment and expression – is vital to driving athlete excellence.

    But that’s not all it takes. Athlete excellence starts with a dream followed by years of discipline and training. Alongside their talent and fervor is a human above all else – a person balancing life while fulfilling their aspirations.

    Reflecting on 2022, we are proud to have advanced our commitment to athlete well-being, both on and off the field of play. Team USA athletes flourished as they delivered world-class performances – finishing fourth in medal count at the Olympic Games Beijing 2022 and fifth in medal count at the Paralympic Games Beijing 2022.

    Team USA’s successes continue to confirm our athlete-focused approach is helping us fulfill our mission to empower Team USA athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence and well-being.

  • Noah Lyles, Athing Mu and Kara Winger of Team USA pose during the closing ceremony at the World Athletics Championships Oregon22
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There are so many smaller instances of the incredible USOPC team members who have touched my career. Sport physiologists complimenting my sprint technique and flattering me beyond belief on a hard day. Dietitians giving me one tidbit of info that changed my approach to food this year. Strength and conditioning coaches always being excellent weight room companions as we grew up together. Sport psychologists simply validating my feelings of overwhelm so I could keep pushing. So many people who are simply consistent, calm voices of reason in my hardest times.

Kara Winger, Javelin