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  • As we grow the Olympic and Paralympic movements and engage fans, donors and partners to celebrate and share Team USA victories and stories, we are helping advance our global mission to build a better, more inclusive world through sport. We are grateful to our donors and sponsors who never waivered in their support of Team USA through COVID-19-impacted Games, even though they were unable to be there in-person to celebrate.

    While we all relish seeing Team USA’s success on the medal table, sport is about so much more than competition. It builds leadership skills and conflict resolution techniques, turns teammates into friends and emphasizes all-around excellence and determination, all while reminding us of the human potential we have inside, and as a nation.

    The USOPC does not receive government funding, so it is the support and devotion from fans, donors and partners that enable Team USA to compete. All of us working together equips athletes to train in between Games and competitions, ensures they get the opportunity to compete at various venues and grows community adoration that empowers sport to thrive – and ultimately, that is how we all win.

  • Tyler Carter of Team USA cheers and waves the US flag for his teammates at during the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics
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    In the lead up to the Tokyo and Beijing Games, Toyota created a first-of-its-kind program to support Paralympic athletes in pursuit of their competitive dreams. The program – the Toyota U.S. Paralympic Fund – directly impacted the lives of eligible U.S. Paralympic athletes who trained for the Tokyo and Beijing Games. In addition, Toyota offered every athlete named to the U.S. Paralympic Team for Tokyo and Beijing a sponsorship opportunity through the Athlete Marketing Platform for a total of $2.4M+ support provided, with plans to offer the same stipend support for the Paris 2024 and Milan-Cortina 2026 Games.