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    • As a mission-driven nonprofit organization that does not receive government funding, the USOPC takes a responsible approach to stewarding our resources in support of Team USA athletes. The USOPC is committed to fiscal responsibility and financial transparency to ensure our stakeholders understand how our resources are invested. Our primary purpose is to support athletes – through direct funds or programs that support them on and off the field of play – while ensuring the health and sustainability of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements.

      The Olympic and Paralympic Games-year operating surplus allows the USOPC to run a deficit in non-Games years and provides a consistent level of support for athletes during each year of the four-year quadrennial budget cycle. Under that cycle, both revenue and expenses, which have a direct impact on supporting Team USA athletes, generally increase in Games years versus non-Games years.

      The USOPC and U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation’s consolidated financial statements and Forms 990s show revenue of approximately $345M and expenses of $327M, resulting in a surplus of $18M for 2022.

    • Lena Duerr of Team Germany and Mikaela Shiffrin of Team USA ski during the the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games
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    • You can access the USOPC and USOPF consolidated financial statements here.

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    • You can access the USOPC Form 990 here.

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    • You can access the USOPF Form 990 here.

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    • You can access the Sport Benefit Statements here.

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    Athlete excellence programs accounted for 56% of all USOPC spending for the year at over $183M. This includes athlete stipends and funding for National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and Paralympic Sport Organizations that support elite athlete training, and includes support in the form of world-class coaching, sports science and technology and medical support; athlete services in the areas of mental health, career and education, legal aid and marketing and commercial rights; and expenses related to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing and training environments. This investment is down from $200M in 2021 due to the lower costs of executing winter vs. summer Games.

    Sport advancement funding of nearly $38M represents a decrease from 2022 due to timing of Trials, while maintaining funding for programs focused on promoting an inclusive, safe and fair culture by advancing athletes’ safety, opportunity, access and representation across the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements.

    Community growth investments of $67M supported amplification of athlete stories, digital support of NGBs, international engagement and opportunities for athletes’ family and friends to connect through a first-of-its kind domestic Games experience amid the pandemic. This investment also includes a grant to LA28 to support our philanthropic partnership.

    Highlights include:

    • USOPC distributed $100M in grants going directly to athletes and NGBs.
    • Of those grants, $16M was distributed in the form of direct athlete stipends to 1,565 athletes.
    • Team USA athletes also received $5.6M in Operation Gold payments for medal performances at the Beijing Games and other qualifying events.
    • In 2022, USOPC provided Elite Athlete Health Insurance coverage to 1,451 athletes in the amount of $10.8M, up from $10.5M in 2021.
    • Additionally, 610 Team USA athletes utilized the USOPC’s National Medical Network for a value of $4M in medical services and care.
    • USOPC support of the U.S. Center for SafeSport continued at $20M with $17.4M provided by the USOPC and $2.6M provided by NGBs.
    • The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation granted LA28 $40M (recorded at present value) as part of a philanthropic partnership with LA28 to enhance fundraising opportunities to support Team USA Athletes through the LA Games.

    *Note: This information is derived from our audited financial statements. For a complete version of our audited financial statements, including the independent auditor’s opinion, please visit

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