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    Because a significant amount U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (“USOPC”) funding comes from U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Sponsors (“USOPC Sponsors”), those companies are granted rights to use Olympic and Paralympic trademarks and/or imagery (“Marks”) for promotion and advertising. The USOPC does not allow unaffiliated third parties (those who have no official relationship with the USOPC or “Non-USOPC Sponsors”) to use its Marks commercially. These guidelines are intended to assist athletes in understanding how they may work with commercial entities without giving Non-USOPC Sponsors the improper commercial benefit of associating with the USOPC, Team USA, or the Olympic or Paralympic Games.

    The USOPC’s Olympic and Paralympic Athlete Commercial Guidelines are effective at all times.

    The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Trials Participant Rules – Commercial Markings codify USOPC policies and practices related to the use or display of commercial marks at domestic Trials events, and clarify the roles, responsibilities and processes for commercial-related grievances. The policy and protocols are designed to prioritize the athlete experience and right to compete at Trials.

    While these rules establish clear review processes, they do not determine criteria or procedures for team selection and qualification, which are defined by the NGB and vary by sport. Athletes who are seeking independent and confidential advice may contact the Office of the Athlete Ombuds at


    These Olympic and Paralympic athlete commercial guidelines may be updated by the USOPC at any time. The guidelines were last updated April 21, 2020.

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