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Athlete Marketing Staff

Our purpose is to advance marketing opportunities and financial earnings for Team USA athletes, to help grow the Team USA brand through athlete-led marketing programs and to provide Team USA athletes with inspiration and education on topics such as name, image and likeness (NIL) rights and personal brand building.

  • George Fiddler

    George Fiddler

    Senior Director, Athlete Marketing & Brand Innovation

  • Mylan Murphy

    Mylan Murphy

    Manager, Athlete Marketing

  • Alex Bernardo

    Alex Bernardo

    Manager, Athlete Marketing

Athlete Marketing Platform (AMP)

As a member of the Team USA Athlete Marketing Platform, our aim is to enhance and simplify your marketing prospects by connecting you with our Team USA partners. By offering you access to a diverse range of tools and resources, we strive to aid in the development of your personal brand. Our ultimate objective is to make the process effortless and exciting, enabling you to focus on what you do best - representing our country as a world-class athlete.

Commercial & Non-Commercial Guidelines and NIL

There are many entities within the Team USA Olympic and Paralympic Movement inclusive of the USOPC, NGBs broadcast partners and sponsors. That means that the Movement is and will be promoted in various commercial and non-commercial ways with and without sponsors. As opportunities surrounding Athlete NIL rights increase, the goal of these resources is to provide clarity to Team USA athletes, on the Road to Paris and beyond, around the topic of what is defined as a commercial opportunity and what is defined as a non-commercial opportunity.

Rule 40 and Games Social Guidelines

Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter is an eligibility rule introduced by the International Olympic Committee in 1991 for the purpose of maintaining the unique and universal competitive environment offered by the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This rule means athletes must be diligent in checking that marketing for personal sponsorship and endorsement deals do not violate the guidelines in place during the specific dates set forth for a Games period.