Athlete Marketing - IOC Rule 40/IPC Athlete Image Policy Guidelines

    Team USA's Chuck Aoki battles with a Team Canada wheelchair rugby athlete at Rio 2016

    Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter is an eligibility rule introduced by the International Olympic Committee in 1991 for the purpose of maintaining the unique and universal competitive environment offered by the Olympic Games. The rule helps ensure global participation at the Games and maintain the long-term health of the Movement. The value of the IOC’s international marketing program and the benefit partners receive to market their association with the Games supports athletes around the world, including all members of Team USA. There is a similar rule in the International Paralympic Committee’s Paralympic Handbook that governs participants in the Paralympic Games.

    The rule applies to participants in the Olympic or Paralympic Winter Games 2022, including current competitors, coaches, trainers and officials. It only applies to participants in the current Games and is not applicable to alumni.

    Please visit the U.S. Rule 40 Permissions System to obtain U.S. Rule 40 permission and to access additional Rule 40 education materials.

    The site can be accessed at:

    The IOC’s Rule 40 and the IPC’s image policy apply during and surrounding Games times. The IOC and IPC establish specific applicable periods for each specific Games.

    For the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, the IOC Rule 40 period is Jan. 27, 2022 to Feb. 22, 2022. The IPC Image Policy dates for the Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 are Feb. 25, 2022- March 16, 2022.

    Please reach out to

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