Opportunity To Participate

    Team USA athletes have rights and protections related to the opportunity to qualify to participate in protected competitions.

    The Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and the United States Olympics & Paralympic Committee Bylaws (Found on our Governance Documents Page) extend certain obligations on National Governing Bodies and on the USOPC to protect that opportunity. This information is intended to focus on those athletes competing in Protected Competitions with some information applying more generally.

    Team USA athletes have rights and protections around:

    • Equal opportunity to participate
    • Fair notice and opportunity for a hearing before they are declared ineligible to participate
    • Athlete representation in the drafting and implementation of selection procedures
    • Access to arbitration for any controversy involving the opportunity to participate in competition

    More Information

    This information is intended to simplify and support Team USA athlete education around a complex system of rights and responsibilities within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements. Learn more about your rights as a Team USA athlete by referring to the applicable laws or governance documents.

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