Safe Environment

    Team USA athletes have rights and protections related to a safe environment.

    Every participant in the Olympic and Paralympic Movement plays a role and has certain obligations in creating a safe environment. The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC), National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and the U.S. Center for SafeSport are obligated to uphold a safe environment free from misconduct and abuse as outlined by the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and the USOPC Bylaws.

    The U.S. Center for SafeSport is an independent nonprofit organization responsible for responding to and preventing emotional, physical, and sexual misconduct and abuse in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

    Team USA athletes have rights and protections related to:

    • Protection from retaliation for seeking assistance from the Athlete Ombuds and for reporting allegations of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or misconduct.
    • Participate in sanctioned events with qualified officials, proper medical supervision, proper safety precautions, and procedures in place to prevent and report any type of misconduct.
    • Access to the following policies: NGB Code of Conduct, Athlete Safety Policy, and NGB anti-retaliation policy.
    • Private arbitration if a respondent disagrees with a Center decision or notice of temporary measures.
    • A hearing if NGB temporary measure denies them participation in a protected competition.

    Other Information

    This information is intended to simplify and support Team USA athlete education around a complex system of rights and responsibilities within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements. Learn more about your rights as a Team USA athlete by referring to the applicable laws or governance documents.

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